• VICTORY Smart Trainer


          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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“The Trainer of Eurobike 2024” – GP Lama’s First Look at the VICTORY Smart Trainer

Shane has compiled a wrap-up of all the new indoor tech spotted at Eurobike 2024 – The worlds biggest CYCLING trade show held every year in Frankfurt, Germany. 

He says “the biggest news has to be the new JetBlack VICTORY at US$399, with a list of features that puts it well ahead of the competition at that price point (and most smart trainers at 2x or 3x that price!).” 

You can check out his video below – the VICTORY features at 4:56 – you can select that chapter from the video index on YouTube if you want to jump straight to the goods!

We look forward to it getting the full Lama Lab Test treatment later in the year.

"The big news is the price! US$399. In Aussie dollars, you're looking at $749, in Euro 449 and that's with the Cog version 2 installed and a Zwift click."

- GP Lama

Can’t wait to get your hands on the VICTORY?

Pre-orders are open in Australia – and you can get Notified To Buy in the US and NZ.