• VICTORY Smart Trainer


          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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Trainer Fan


The JetBlack Trainer Fan is designed with an optimal airflow pattern specifically for indoor training, flowing from under your body.

What a great idea! A Trainer Fan with a remote control! How many times have you jumped on your trainer and when you heat up, your fan is hard to reach to turn it on without interrupting your session and getting off your bike, getting dropped or worse dripping all over your trainer? The JetBlack Trainer Fan comes with a remote control to turn it on and adjust the speed of your fan while riding; no more getting off your bike to sort this out.

Choose from four speed settings to set your ideal airflow during training. The powerful fan will keep you cool during the most demanding training sessions.

No joke….this is not just about comfort, it’s about performance and care of your trainer. Sweat is an incredibly corosive liquid, and will rust any metal trainer if not cleaned regularly. So keeping that sweat under control is as important for you, as it is for your trainer.

  • Powerful airflow
  • Remote control
  • Height adjustable
  • Targeted airflow pattern designed for indoor cycle training
  • Four fan speeds
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