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          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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Community & Purpose

Jetblack Cycling Orange Projects Charitable Giving

What you don’t see behind the scenes, is that JetBlack is a very community minded organisation.

Aside from sponsoring community cycling events or lending a hand with equipment or prizes for select causes, plus fundraising for other causes too, JetBlack has recently launched ORANGE PROJECTS.

Why did we call it ORANGE Projects? Aside from orange being a signature brand colour of JetBlack, you might notice that the orange is a winter fruit. Winter is often used as a metaphor for a season in life when things are not as abundant, they may be broken, lacking abundance, hard or stuck.

During a time when Tony felt like this in his life, the orange was a symbol of hope for him. A symbol of fruitfulness, nourishment and opportunity even in a difficult season. And if you cut an orange in half… it kind of looks like two wheels of a bike; the juicy segments separated by “spokes”, ready to roll!

So we called these hopeful investments, Orange Projects.

Orange Projects Badge On White Jetblack Cycling

And this heart for hope, restoration and opportunity has led JetBlack to support the restoration of wells in Uganda. When we launched our hydration range in 2022, Tony wanted a dollar from every bottle sold, to go towards restoring broken wells, through our partnership with Pro-Purpose.

Since then, we have seen hundreds of wells restored. We won’t stop there and are actively seeking other restoration projects, projects of hope and opportunity with communities around the world.

Check out the well restoration project here: