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          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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The 2022 UCI Road World Championships

World Champions Jump on JetBlack

2022 Road World Champions Remco Evenepoel & Tobias Svendsen Foss prepared for their wins with the JetBlack VOLT smart cycle trainer & accessories!

Belguim favourite Remco Evenepoel took out first in the Mens Elite Road Race and Norwegian Tobias Svendsen Foss was the surprise winner of the Elite Mens 2022 Time Trial. 

JetBlack Cycling was honoured to support both the Belgium & Norwegian teams with smart trainers, mats and turn blocks to help them achieve optimal performance with great warm up & cool down equipment.

The Belgium Cycling Team, one of the major players in the championships, that included Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel, were welcomed to Australia by JetBlack supplying them with their cycle trainers and accessories. A van full of VOLTs were theirs to play with as soon as they reached Aussie soil.

There was a festival atmosphere at the 2022 UCI Road World Championships as around 300,000 fans of cycle racing lined the streets, and another 300 million reportedly watched online globally, as teams competed in the NSW coastal city of Wollongong in September.

Colour customised VOLT cycle trainers for the Belgium Team.

Wout van Aert and Remco Evenepoel were welcomed to Australia by JetBlack Cycling - we supplied them with customised smart cycle trainers and accessories to use during the championships.

Tobias Large Copy.jpg

Champions on the Norwegian Team rode VOLT and the NEW JetBlack Cycling Smart Turn Block.

Not only were the Belgian team riding their custom black yellow and red coloured JetBlack gear, but so was the surprise winner of the Elite Mens 2022 Time Trial – Norwegain Tobias Svendsen Foss.

He and his Norwegian team mates also felt the benefits of our Australian technology. 


And now the science bit! Why are elite athletes using cycle trainers before and after races?

Physical activity increases recuperation speed compared to passive recovery.

Static trainers are not only great for getting the elite athletes into shape for their races, they also need them to assist on warm ups and cool downs on the race days themselves. Starting a race without getting muscles limbered up sounds completely obvious these days, but what is the science behind jumping on a bike and peddling after having completed a gruelling World Championship race? 

Physical activity pumps the blood through the muscles which, in turn, more efficiently increases the removal of metabolic ‘waste’ products, such as lactate compared to passive recovery. It also restores the muscle pH faster, and increases the dissipation of heat. 

All this can be achieved by riding a bike casually around the streets, but when the world is watching and the streets are all closed, why not jump on a VOLT? Plus the support crew will be on hand to manage the riders recovery nutrition whilst they totally switch off and mentally relax, or reflect on the race. A common recovery ride would be ten minutes at around 150W. 

Tobias Copy E1665636439602.jpg

Congratulations to all the riders and support crews that worked so hard to achieve their best results.

Here are the riders from the two teams JetBlack assisted who hit the podium.

Mens Elite Road Race – 1st Remco Evenepoel (BEL) 

Mens Elite Time Trial – 1st Tobias Foss (NOR) – 3rd Remco Evenepoel (BEL)

Womens Elite Road Race – 2nd Lotte Kopecky (BEL)

Mens U23 Road Race – 3rd Søren Wærenskjold (NOR)

Mens U23 Time Trial – 1st Søren Wærenskjold (NOR) – 2nd Alec Segaert (BEL)

Mens Junior Road Race – 3rd Vlad van Mechelen (BEL)

Womens Junior Time Trial – 3rd Febe Jooris (BEL)

Congratulations to Tobias and Remco for their great victories! It was great to be involved in the background work that goes into a gold medal.