• VICTORY Smart Trainer


          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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In 2005 JetBlack had the opportunity to distribute Saris but declined as it saw an opportunity to be a global player itself. As a result, JetBlack has been manufacturing analogue, fluid and smart trainers since 2006. Year-on-year we have built on our knowledge of training hardware.

Our original Fluid Trainer, the Z1 was a game changer and dominated with its price, features, bullet proof reliability and performance. It was truly a market disruptor with many loyal riders loving it.

JetBlack has always prided its innovation. It was one of the first to use power based training which was incorporated into the Fluid based JetBlack Dynometer trainer in 2009.

JetBlack’s first foray into the Smart Trainer market was with the Whisper Drive. It was innovative for its time offering self generating power, along with inbuilt cadence measuring without the need for an external cadence sensor. The motor technology used ultimately prohibited further growth on this model but we sure learnt a lot!  


What’s great about continued learning from the past is that it points you towards getting things perfect in the future. If you dare to learn and grow and are determined to get better at something then eventually you become a winner.

Before Covid the market had transitioned into high end Smart Trainers with Tacx, Wahoo, Elite and Saris dominating the landscape. We wanted to join the big 4 so we buckled down seeking to create an affordable option with solid performance, benchmarked against the best.

We applied all our electronic engineering and firmware knowledge to make a new smart trainer which we called the VOLT. The ride feel, features and value was fantastic.

It was coined by reviewers as the ‘smartest smart trainer’ because our firmware was so smart it allowed for multiple Bluetooth devices to connect to our VOLT trainer, making it easier to connect multiple devices at once to Apple TV.

The JetBlack VOLT was so fantastic that Zwift started selling this trainer with their brand, Zwift HUB, using our firmware as a base. This was massive Kudos and a big ‘Ride On’ to JetBlack.


JetBlack went back to the drawing board to make an even better trainer, one that was more affordable without compromising on the quality with unique technology.

We were determined to create a winning trainer that we could sell all around the world. Armed with our extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and mature firmware, we created a brand-new trainer from the nuts and bolts up – which now has our own unique patents. We called it The VICTORY, because it is a victory on so many levels.