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Tim Searle – AHDR

Tim Searle Ahdr Partnership Zwift Jetblack Cyling.jpg

JetBlack is a proud partner of the ZWIFT AHDR Group Ride founder and legend Tim Searle.

Tim has the record for most kilometres ridden on Zwift, standing at 213,654km, which equates to 245 days and 15 hours! This is also the record for the most time spent on Zwift.  The vertical elevation he has climbed is even more amazing, sitting at 1,326,795 meters. He rides between 27-30 hours a week, with 90% of that being on Zwift. 

He also started the Aussie Hump Day Ride (AHDR) in April 2016, which is now an established team with two facets.  The first facet is the community side, which everyone can join. The second is the race team, created to participate in activities like Zwift Racing League (ZRL). 

Tim establish AHDR because he noticed there were group rides being hosted on the Zwift platform, but often at times not suitable for Australian riders.  Knowing there was a community of Australian cyclists using the platform, Tim published the time and date and route of a group ride and waited for Aussie cyclists to join him.  The first event had 29 riders and within three months, there were 200 regular joiners. 

The name “Aussie Hump Day” was used because the event was hosted on Wednesday, the middle of the week. “Hump Day” is an Australian expression that refers to the rest of the week being a downhill ride.

If there was a Zwift Hall of Fame, Tim would be the first entry.