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          Building on the success of our JetBlack VOLT, which was heralded as the smartest smart trainer by cycling tech critics, we introduce our VICTORY.

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The VOLT – As Reviewed on ZwiftInsider.com

Check out real reviews from the Zwift community – customers who have purchased a JetBlack Volt™ Smart Trainer

My first direct drive trainer
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Very happy with my new JetBlack Volt, nice and quiet, came with an 11 speed cassette and feels really great. I was targetting a Kickr Core, but at 100GBP less for a very similar trainer I gave it a chance and am not disappointed. I did wonder how accurate my previous trainer (Saris M2) was and this feels very close, so very happy. Only issue I had is that the Android app could not find the training to calibrate, fortunately I also have an iPhone and this found the trainer fine for calibration and firmware checks.
Great trainer
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This is my first direct drive trainer and it is great. The trainer it’s self is completely silent, very easy to setup (for both rim and disc brakes), comes with an 11 speed cassette. It is extremely smooth and so much easier to put down the power than my previous wheel engaged trainer. Highly recommend
First smart trainer, comes with everything
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I've been using a classic trainer for several years and only recently upgraded to a smart resistance trainer. The Jetblack is booked as being silent and, it is a lot quieter than my old Cyclops Magneto trainer; i and n the box you will find everything you need to get started. The trainer comes with a skewer (I actually got two) as well as adapters for the main through axle systems, there is also an 11 speed cassette pre-installed and a spacer should you want to switch to a 10 speed instead. All you need to do is booked on the legs, choose your axle adaptor, plug it in and your ready to go. System connects via Bluetooth or Ant+ and the comms are solid as I'll yet to have a connection drop out even whilst connecting to a laptop in front of the bike (haven't needed an extended usb to close the transmitter/receiver gap) Jetblack have an app for the trainer as well where you can directly control the system and perform workouts, and it's here you do the sounded calibration as required. The resistance is soothe and you can really feel the changes. I am nothing I need to do some micro-adjustments between my rear wheel cassette and the Jetblack supplied one, once doing shifted if clean, will have to look into this too reply have it as a hot swap wheel in/out switch (could be my derailleur hanging is bent) I wish it had a handle for easy moving of the house unit, and I got an with when telling to check for updated firmware but, the until is only just launched so, I think I'm up to date
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