WhisperDrive Smart

JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart

Introducing JetBlack’s first electronic smart trainer. The JetBlack WhisperDrive Smart.

A fully self-generating dual technology electronic trainer, the WhisperDrive Smart, supports ANT+ FEC and Bluetooth Smart. Delivering speed, cadence, power and features ERG mode, simulation (ride the world) and abilities to connect to your favorite 3rd party training platforms. Along with the ability to recharge your device while you train.

The WhisperDrive Smart will connect to all your social indoor riding motivators, when paired with the JetBlack Pro App the machine comes alive and becomes the perfect training tool.

Take your training to the next level with the WhisperDrive Smart Self-Generating dual technology direct drive electronic trainer.




  • Dual Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless connectivity connects to your sensors and devices with ease, no cables to clutter. #trainanywhere
  • APP controlled progressive resistance up to 1600 watts @ 12% incline.
  • Progressive power curve fallback mode no device, no problem with the WhisperDrive Smart it will detect the absence of a connection and revert to the progressive power curve and feel the same as riding our award winning fluid trainers.
  • Realistic road feel with long coast down times.
  • Virtual training experience, the WhisperDrive Smart will connect to all your social indoor training motivators like Zwift, Strava etc.
  • SmartCharge USB, no wall charger required, the trainer uses a smart generator to create its own power. USB connection to charge your devices whilst riding.
  • Ultra stable frame design the widest ground contact point is positioned in line with the user's center of mass for rock-solid sprints or intervals.
  • Axle Compatibility with 9mm x 130mm or 135mm, 12mm x 142mm and now BOOST. 148mm BOOST Adaptors sold separately.
  • Cassette Compatibility Shimano/SRAM 10/11 Speed, Campy, and XD drivers sold separately.
  • Ready to Ride out of the box once your choice of a cassette is installed.
  • Folding frame for easy of storage.


    • Size:
      700 (L) x 550 (W) x 490 (H) mm
      27.6 x 21.7 x 19.3 inches

      Size after folding:
      257 (L) x 552 (W) x 490 (H) mm
      10.1 x 21.7 x 19.3 inches

      Total Weight: 17kgs/45.5lbs

      Maximum Load: 100kgs/220lbs excluding bike

      Resistance System: Self-Generating Electromagnetic

      Watts: 1600 at 60Km/h

      Flywheel Weight: 6.5kgs/17.5lbs

      Coast down time: 17+ seconds

      Axle Compatibility: 130mm, 135mm (QR and Boltup)
      12mm x 142mm with trainer axles. 148mm Boost Adaptors sold separately

      Drivetrain Compatibility: Shimano/SRAM 10/11 Speed (10spd spacer included)
      Campagnolo and XX1 XD freehub bodies sold separately

      Wheel Size Compatibility: 26", 27.5", 29er, 700c
      20" and 24" Riser Block required



    • - Direct Drive
      Self-Generating Electromagnetic
      SMARTCharge USB
      - Instructions
      - WhisperDrive Smart Parts List

    • - QR Skewer
      - 5mm Spacer 130/135mm
      - 12 x 142mm Conversion Caps
      - Spacer for 10spd cassette
      - JetBlack Pro Coaching APP

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