WhisperDrive Speed Sensor

Transform you WhisperDRIVE™ into a Virtual Power meter with the WhisperDRIVE™ speed sensor and our JetBlack training app or other compatible trainer apps. Displays speed data in most trainer apps, smartphones, watches and cycle computers with either Bluetooth Smart or ANT+ wireless technology. Start training smarter and harder using the JetBlack Training app and Virtual Power.

JetBlack Speed Sensor for WhisperDRIVE - dual band (Bluetooth/ANT+) 

  • WhisperDRIVE trainer speed sensor for training apps & devices

  • Virtual power data available with the JetBlack training app & compatible apps

  • To be used on the WhisperDRIVE direct drive trainer

  • Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ wireless technology

  • Replaceable CR 2032 coin cell battery lasts up to 20 months

  • Third party app compatibility

    • Dual Bluetooth Smart & ANT+™
      The Speed and Cadence Sensor enables wireless tracking of your speed and cadence in realtime and sends data to the compatible display devices via ANT+/ Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0) with dual mode wireless technology (please ensure Bluetooth services are enabled on these devices before starting).

      Get ANT+™ on IOS Devices with a Wahoo Ant+™ Key or similar. A Lightning Pin Adaptor is required for iPhone 5/6 and 7 users.
    • iOS Devices:
      • iPhone 4s and above
      • iPod touch (5th gen and above)
      • iPad (3rd gen and above)
      • iPad mini
      • iPod nano (7th gen and above)
      Android Devices:
      • Most devices with Bluetooth Smart Ready technology or ANT+ version 4.3 or newer
      • Please check your phones manufacturing details for compatibility with either ANT+ or BluetoothSmart

      Other Devices:
      Compatible with most cycle apps, smartphones, watches and cycle computers, however please check the devices compatibility with Bluetooth Smart or ANT+

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