Testing and Monitoring





Fitness test: Use our built in 20 min FTP test. This will give you all the data you need to train smart. Using Power, (perceived or actual) and Heart rate to determine your correct training zones.

Zone Calculator: Enter your personal ride data or once you have done the FTP test, let the App calculate your training zones. Updated manually or by our FTP update feature.

Recovery test: The JetBlack App is built with coaching in mind. We have a recovery test built into the App enabling
you to train smart from the start.

Zone updates:  FTP and Hear rate monitoring. The App will automatically update your training zones as you get fitter and stronger.

Health and Fitness: an ability to monitor your overall fitness and bodies reaction to overload.

Training calendar:  The App will track all of your training and store it in one place. Giving you ride and training data in an easy to follow format.