Innovation and affordability are the heartbeat of JetBlack. 
JetBlack products are conceived and designed in Australia before being manufactured.
We completely control the manufacturing process so you can be sure of the quality control of each and every product.
This control also allows us to keep the price to a minimum.


TAIPEI CYCLE iF Awards 2013

The JetBox top tube bike bag is designed to be used while the rider is in motion. This sleek, elegant design is made from water resistant material with an easy top access flap. The flap is secured on both sides with magnets and flips over for hassle-free access to the compartment. This innovative "QuickFlip™" Opening System allows the rider to stay in control of the bike and avoid distraction which may result in a crash, a common statistical occurrence.

Features: Protective mobile phone/media player specific pocket, Energy gel outer pocket, Magnetized easy access flap, Water resistant material, Aerodynamic shape, Soft inner lining.


Z1 Fluid Trainer

TAIPEI CYCLE iF Awards 2012

JetBlack Z1 Fluid Trainer with HydroGel Roller.


  • A special HydroGel composition, creating a new type of contact between your bike and the trainer. 
  • The HydroGel Roller reduces noise by 55% and tire wear by 25-30% - great for indoor training at home. 
  • Increases tire grip, giving an ultimate 'on the road' feel while training indoors with no slippage at the roller.
  • A new CNC machined head for efficient cooling provides a super quiet and smooth ride with progressive resistance. 
  • The Z1 Fluid Trainer automatically adjusts resistance when you change gears or increase speed,
    rendering adjustment levers a thing of the past.

Set-clip Quick Release

The SQR system makes for easy bike entry and releases as it requires a one-time only setup “set and forget”. The Quick Release has four available positions so that the trainer will suit Track bikes through to 12mm x 142mm (12x142 Trainer Axles required). The opposing side uses a threaded adjustment bolt with locking ring so you can perfectly set the lever tension.